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We are a privately-owned neutral logistics service provider. Our focus is building trust and long-lasting business-to-business (B2B) relationships.

Our consolidation hubs are located in Helsinki, Finland, St. Petersburg, Russia, Warsaw Poland, Zhengzhou, China and Hong Kong.

We are connected from Northwest Europe to Southeast Asia, across the Euroasia continent, via the new Silk Route rail link and road transport service between EU and Russia and Central Asian countries.

We offer reliable solutions for Euroasia supply chain with real-time visibility. Our professional multinational team is built together with more than 20 years of experience of international trade and logistics.

Tracking the trade on Belt
and Road

Take a look at our real-time shipment tracking video presentation.




We provide a comprehensive range of transportation services, which are cost-effective and efficient. We offer local pick-up and delivery, international road, rail, air and sea transport services with various reliable partners who are part of our logistics chain. We offer weekly LCL rail / road traffic between China and Europe and between Europe and Russia.



We consolidate shipments and optimise our logistics procedure with strategically located hubs in Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Zhengzhou and Hong Kong.



All the documentation and other procedures are our responsibility when it comes to freight forwarding, international trading and transportation. To make it convenient for multinational clients, we offer export, import and transit customs clearance.



Now get secure visibility of Eurasia supply chain. We offer real-time shipment tracking service with geo-fence notifications and automatic alerts.


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